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Kirk Herbstreit Told A Washington Fan To "Get Lost" On Twitter

ESPN Predicts 1st Loss For Every Top 10 Team

Kirk Herbstreit isn't afraid to mix it up on Twitter when he has to.

The ESPN College GameDay analyst usually isn't someone who seeks out conflict or debate, but he'll defend his positions when called for.

Tonight, a Washington fan goaded Herbstreit into a response on Twitter. It all started when an account named @SportsPac12 tweeted out the non-conference games for Pac-12 teams in 2020, which includes Michigan-Washington.

Washington fan @teamstrannon tagged Herbstreit and said he would accuse the Huskies of not having a strong schedule because Michigan was having a down year.

Herbstreit wasn't in the mood, simply telling the fan to get lost.

Well, Herbie was pretty blunt there.

For what its worth, the Pac-12 is coming off a miserable bowl season, which featured Washington, USC, Washington State and Arizona all losing to Big Ten teams.