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Kirk Herbstreit Weighs In On Baker Mayfield's Heisman Chances After His Antics

baker mayfield crotch grab

Despite some criticism, Baker Mayfield is still clearly the Heisman Trophy.

Baker Mayfield has a fair share of critics right now.

The star Oklahoma quarterback did some immature things during the Sooners' win over Kansas on Saturday and has been punished as a result. He won't start on Saturday and he also won't be a captain.

There are some even saying that Mayfield, the clear frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy, shouldn't win the award now.

That's ridiculous, though, and Kirk Herbstreit agrees.

“It’d be shocking if somebody else ended up winning it besides Baker. You have some (Heisman voters) who are more old school. They’ve been voting on this for a long time, and they’ll look at that action and they’ll say that is not representative of what a Heisman Trophy winner should be. I have no problem with people who take that, and they might have a hard time putting him on there because of some of those actions. But I think the overwhelming majority will look at what he’s done on the field,” the ESPN analyst told For The Win.

Mayfield remains the overwhelming Heisman Trophy favorite in Vegas and only one other player received a first-place vote in ESPN's latest poll.