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Lamar Jackson Gives Incredible Birthday Gift To Terminally Ill Fan

Louisville's Lamar Jackson gave an incredible birthday gift to a terminally ill Cardinals fan on Friday.

Lamar Jackson is many things. College football quarterback. Heisman Trophy frontrunner. Leader of the Louisville football team. Friday night, however, Jackson showed the world he should have another title as well.

All-around great guy.

When Jackson got off of the team bus Friday he made a bee-line straight towards a Cardinals fan. In his hands he carried a signed football that read, "Keep fighting, stay strong."

According to Sporting News, the football was a birthday present for Amzie Smith, who turned 17 on Saturday. Smith was diagnosed with liver cancer last year. This June, Smith discontinued chemo treatments and her doctors gave her just a few months to live.

Smith recounted the experience in an interview with ESPN:

“It was super awesome. (Lamar) came off the bus and was smiling and knew who I was and gave me the football and gave me a big hug. ... I didn’t know what to expect, so it was really fun and awesome to just experience the hype and just the pride that I have for the team.”

As if that wasn't heartwarming enough, Louisville won the game against Duke 24-14 to cap off the night.