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Lane Kiffin Reacts To Alabama's Latest Coaching News

Nick Saban yells on the sideline.

Alabama's former offensive coordinator is reacting like you would expect him to.

Alabama has lost another offensive coordinator. Crimson Tide OC Brian Daboll is off to the NFL, where he'll serve as the Buffalo Bills' offensive coordinator.

He leaves having spent just one season in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Hiring and replacing offensive coordinators in a short amount of time has been a theme for Nick Saban since he arrived at Alabama. His next offensive coordinator hire will be his seventh since he took over the program (he's won five national titles in that same time period, mind you).

One of those previous offensive coordinators is Lane Kiffin. The polarizing coach left Alabama at the end of the 2016 season in controversial fashion. He accepted the FAU head coaching position and then stepped away from the program before the national title game.

The Kiffin-Saban relationship is a tricky one to evaluate. Kiffin speaks highly of Saban, but often pokes fun at him on Twitter. Recently, he laughed at Saban's claim that he doesn't yell at his assistant coaches very much.

"Are these real quotes? I don't get upset at my coaches much?? We tell our players to control their emotions during the game bc when emotions go up decision making goes down but...." Kiffin wrote on Twitter.

Kiffin is at it again on Twitter regarding Coach Saban.

FAU's head coach has reacted to the Brian Daboll news in typical form.

He retweeted this:

And this:

Kiffin has discussed his trolling of Nick Saban on Twitter before, saying it's all in good fun, especially because Alabama's head coach never sees it.

Still, there has to be at least some truth to what he's tweeting/retweeting.