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Lane Kiffin Reveals He Considered Joining Ed Orgeron At LSU

The former Alabama offensive coordinator almost left for a rival program.

Lane Kiffin left his position as Alabama's offensive coordinator to become the head coach at Florida Atlantic University.

The details behind Kiffin's exit aren't fully known - some believe Nick Saban was ready to move on; others say that's not true - but all that really matters is that he left.

Apparently, he almost left Tuscaloosa, Ala. for a rival program instead.

Kiffin admitted today to sportscaster Bo Mattingly that he considered leaving Alabama to join Ed Orgeron at LSU. Multiple reports late in the 2016 season said the Tigers had interest in bringing the talented offensive mind aboard.

"I really think they’re going to win a lot there," Kiffin said today.

Orgeron and Kiffin would have been a more entertaining duo than Saban and Kiffin, and the latter was very entertaining, even though they didn't try to be.