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Lane Kiffin Tweets At Kim Kardashian, Invites Her To Game

FAU head coach Lane Kiffin sent out a nice little tweet at Kim Kardashian inviting her to attend a game.

Lane Kiffin isn't that interesting on Twitter. He doesn't tweet a whole lot, and a large majority of his posts are just bland retweets. But today, he finally emerged from the Twitter void and gave us a post—a post that looks like how my dad texts.

Check it out:

"tell your Hubby thx, come 2 a game #yeezy"

Man, that's perfect. The "Hubby" in question is obviously Kanye West. And at first I found it a little suspicious that Kiffin chose to tweet at Kim rather than at Kanye. Was it a case of Kiffin trying to be smooth with the ladies?

Unfortunately no, Kanye deleted all of his social media accounts in early May.

Between trying to recruit LeBron James, and inviting Kim and Kanye to a game, Kiffin is really pulling out all the stops as head coach—especially on Twitter.