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Last Chance U Coach Under Fire For What He Allegedly Texted Player

Generic photo of footballs in an end zone.

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

A coach from the Netflix series "Last Chance U" had serious allegations levied against him from a player. The head coach at Independence Community College is in hot water for what he texted a player.

According to a report from KOAM News Now, head football coach Jason Brown sent derogatory text messages to a student from Germany. The text messages were provided from the student, Alexandros Alexiou who is a German native.

Brown allegedly called himself the student's "new Hitler." The full text exchange shows a pattern of abusive language directed toward the player from the coach.

"4:10 p.m. on field u German [expletive] have 17 points towards your 25 points see Stadler for explanation and u got an extra point for not hanging the lion poster as instructed I'm your new Hitler figure out your life," Brown allegedly texted Alexiou.

Brown later told the player he was kicked off the team and threatened to pull his scholarship.

You can see the full text exchange here. Neither Brown nor Independence C.C. have commented on the alleged text messages.

Brown and his team were featured on the latest season of the famed football documentary series "Last Chance U."

Stay tuned for a statement from the program.