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Here Is Lee Corso's College Football Playoff Prediction

Lee Corso announced his four-team College Football Playoff field prediction on College GameDay today.

College football officially starts today, which means plenty of season predictions from the media world.

Today, College GameDay had an abridged season preview episode featuring Rece Davis, Lee Corso, Desmond Howard, and Kirk Herbstreit.

Corso gave his College Football Playoff prediction towards the end of the episode. It is not nearly as out there as Howard's, that is for sure.

He went with a pretty standard foursome: Alabama, Ohio State, USC, and Florida State, with the Trojans beating Alabama in the national championship.

Herbstreit shares the same field as Corso, but has Ohio State beating Alabama in the title game.

All four GameDay personalities had the Crimson Tide in their fields (even Howard) and advancing to the title game, but Rece Davis is the only one to pick Alabama to win the title.