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Les Miles Says He Considered Leaving LSU For This Job In 2012

  • Les Miles was mentioned for the Michigan job a few times, but it was another job he almost left for.
  • Miles was LSU's head coach for more than a decade. He was let go during the 2016 campaign.
  • Miles almost left because of money.

The 64-year-old head coach revealed today that his tenure was almost cut short by a couple of years. He told Bo Mattingly of Sports Talk with Bo that he considered leaving LSU for another job in 2012.

Now, Miles was mentioned a couple of times for the Michigan job. It's his alma mater. Ultimately, though, that never worked out.

That's not the job Miles mentioned today, though. The national champion-head coach said he almost left LSU for Arkansas.

Miles told Mattingly that he thought about leaving LSU for the Razorbacks back in 2012. Arkansas was coming off of the Bret Bielema and John L. Smith era.

It would've been a pretty stunning move. Miles attributes his interest to his relationship with former Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long.

The Razorbacks still ended up making a surprising hire. Arkansas plucked Bret Bielema from Wisconsin to the shock of many. Bielema was ousted at the end of the 2016 season.

LSU reporter Ross Dellenger hints that the decision wasn't just about his family not wanting to move, though. It came down to money, too.

Miles has been out of coaching since 2016. He's reportedly expressed interest in several major openings, though at this point, it seems doubtful that he'll get another high-profile job.