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Look: Alabama's Bryce Young Reportedly Signs New NIL Deal

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young somehow exceeded all expectations in his first start against Miami. What should be less surprising is that the NIL deals are continuing to pour in for him.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Young has signed a deal to join with Colin Cowherd and iHeartRadio’s The Volume podcast network. As part of the deal, Young will become the host of the new, weekly The Bryce Young Podcast.

In an interview with THR, Cowherd said he wanted to see someone have the opportunity to get the on-field perspective of a college football quarterback. His fondness for Alabama's dynasty led him to zero in on Young.

“There is no brand in college football bigger than Alabama, and there is no position more celebrated than playing quarterback,” Cowherd said. "I just thought, you know what? This is really cool. It’s an opportunity for fans to hear somebody, to get the perspective of the quarterback, the on-field coach of Alabama, the best dynasty of my life. So it just felt kind of natural.”

Young's co-host will be Jake Crain, who currently hosts The Volume’s Jboy Show.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. But Bryce Young's representative in the deal, Ed Berry, theorized that Young's podcast deal will be the first of many such deals in college football.

“I think this generation, that is what they know, that is what they have grown up with their whole life. So them putting a microphone in front of their face and doing a 30-45–minute show, talking about the week? That’s a Thursday night for them. It’s not outside the box. It is very much who they are,” Berry said. “I definitely think this will be the first of many that you see make these types of moves.”

Bryce Young made history in his first start against Miami, throwing for four touchdowns and breaking a record previously held by Joe Namath and Mac Jones.

As Young continues to climb the college football ranks, so too will his national celebrity. And so will the NIL deals he gets.