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Look: College Football Fans Furious With Saturday's TV News

A view of Clemson fans cheering.

College football fans who have Dish Network woke up to some horrible news this Saturday morning. Disney-owned channels have been taken off the satellite television's catalog due to failed negotiations. 

This means ESPN, FX, Disney Channel, Freeform and ABC are no longer available on Dish Network. 

Dish Network released a statement on this sudden change to its programming. 

"Our contract has expired with The Walt Disney Company," Dish Network said. "Our goal and priority is to reach a fair agreement to bring their channels back as quickly as possible. Visit for more information and to make your voice heard, call Disney at 818-560-1000." 

Unsurprisingly, college football fans are furious about this development. 

"I'm calling the police," one person responded.

"Done with these fools," another person replied. "You do not take away ESPN from me."

"Happy Saturday, except those who are doing the negotiations between Dish and Disney," a third person tweeted.

Dish Network's contract with Disney expired at midnight PT on Sept. 30. 

According to Dish Network, Disney asked for a $1 billion increase in fees. 

It's unclear when Disney and Dish Network will agree on a new deal.