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Look: College Football World Reacts To Awkward Wife Joke

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Things got extremely awkward between SEC Network's Peter Burns and Benjamin Watson on Saturday. 

While discussing Watson's suit choice at halftime of yesterday's Vanderbilt-Florida game, the former NFL tight end joked that all that matters "is I get the text from my wife that I look good."

Burns responded by saying, "That's not what she said to me." Watson clearly did not enjoy the remark. 

There have been some people saying that he should lighten up and that Burns did nothing wrong, but several media folks have made it clear they feel he crossed a line.

"Everyone doesn’t play those sexual in nature wife jokes," FS1's Shannon Sharpe tweeted. "I know Ben personally. He definitely doesn’t play about the wife. Ben is very religious. He liked to lost [sic] all his religion in 5 sec."

"Whatever happened, it was necessary," said ABC57 News' LeVon Whittaker.

"Ben Watson, rightfully," said ABC6's Ian Steele, including the infamous Will Smith "keep my wife's name out your f-----g mouth" GIF.

"I need to know what happened during commercial break," said WSFA News sports director Rosie Langello.

After the exchange, Burns tweeted a photo of he and Watson taking a selfie with the caption "Friendship."

It wasn't quite that simple for Watson though.

"Moving on. But you still owe Mrs. Watson a public apology," he said in response to Burns' tweet.

Yeah, that backstage commercial break must have been really interesting.