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Only 3 Teams Have Won 8+ Games Every Year For The Past Decade

Only Boise State, LSU, and Oklahoma have won eight or more games each season of the past decade.

Incredibly, just three college football programs have won eight or more games each of the last 10 seasons: LSU, Boise State and Oklahoma.

Check it out:

It's pretty remarkable when you consider all of the powerhouse programs in college football today: Michigan, USC, Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, the list goes on. None of them have been as consistently successful as the three schools named above.

In fact, let's see how far back we have to go to reach fewer than eight wins.

  • Boise State: 1998, 6-5
  • LSU: 1999, 3-8
  • Oklahoma: 1999, 7-5

Crazy, that's nearly 20 years of sustained success for all of them. After all, some teams struggle to reach 8 wins each season.

Even crazier? Boise State has had five head coaches since the Broncos' 1998 season. Five! Bob Stoops has been instrumental in the success of the Sooners (he took over that 1999 season), and Les Miles and Nick Saban elevated LSU back to title contenders, but the Broncos seemingly run on autopilot year after year, churning out wins like it's nothing. Whatever the circumstances, these three teams just always seem to get it done.