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Video: LSU Student Resists Arrest After Allegedly Vomiting On Fellow Fans

An LSU resisting arrest at a game.

An LSU student is in a bit of trouble after Saturday's contest.

According to Baton Rouge police, a woman needed to be forcibly removed from LSU's Tiger Stadium after resisting arrest on Saturday night during the team's home contest against Ole Miss. The woman, who was identified as Renuka Koritala, had allegedly vomited on other students before police sought her out. Here's more, via WAFB:

Just after 10 p.m., officers were called out to the stadium in reference to a complaint about an LSU student, Renuka Koritala, 20, vomiting on other students in North Section 227. When officers arrived, Koritala allegedly began to run away. When officers were finally able to catch her at a stairway, she kicked one of the officers in his right knee, causing him to fall.

There's actually video of the alleged incident, via another fan who was in the stands.

Police reportedly found marijuana on the woman. She's been charged with three separate crimes in the incident.

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