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This Video Of Mark Dantonio Disappearing Will Screw With Your Mind

Mark Dantonio's Michigan State team didn't show up today, so at one point, he just decided to disappear.

Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio is part of a viral video circulating Saturday afternoon. No, the clip has nothing to do with any of the on-field action between the Spartans and the Badgers. Instead, it features Dantonio disappearing from the sidelines.

In the Big Ten Network's below video, the cameras start out on Dantonio. After No. 25, Darrell Stewart Jr., crosses the screen, Dantonio is missing. Instead, we see one of Dantonio's assistants.

It's mesmerizing. Here are a few angles.

If you watch it enough times, you can eventually see a small white flash - Dantonio's shirt - moving left to right. It's quite a coincidence and led to quite a moment in television.