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Mark May Is Trashing The Big Ten Conference Tonight

Mark May talks before being laid off by ESPN.

Mark May on air for ESPN.

After months of investigation and drama at Maryland, the Terrapins announced that they're parting ways with head coach D.J. Durkin. While that decision will certainly silence most critics, it does expose a glaring issue with the Big Ten Conference.

This isn't the first time that one of the powerhouse schools in the conference had an ongoing problem. From scandals at Penn State to negligence at Ohio State, the majority of the Big Ten has seen its share of negative publicity.

Well, college football analyst Mark May is clearly furious with the lack of order within the conference. In fact, he's calling for commissioner Jim Delany to lose his job.

"Time for the Big 10 to get a new commissioner! PSU.. MSU... OSU.. MD.. ALL SCANDALS! Jim Delany MUST GO! If this was any other business he would have been canned long ago," May tweeted.

Not only did May place blame on the commissioner, but he also took several shots at the integrity of the conference.

It's easy to understand May's frustration, especially since there have been several incidents. However, it'll take more than just his strong words on Twitter to spark an overhaul in one of the biggest