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For Some Insane Reason, ESPN Picked Mark May To Preview Ohio State vs. Michigan

Mark May tells Elle Duncan that Michigan will beat Ohio State.


Ohio State vs. Michigan is clearly this weekend's biggest college football game. ESPN decided Mark May, who hates the Buckeyes, should be the one to break it down for you.

ESPN college football analyst Mark May is a known Ohio State hater, which is interesting in itself, because he's supposed to be giving fans unbiased opinions. This week, the network decided to pick him to help preview the Buckeyes' big contest against the Wolverines.

What happened in his preview? Exactly what you'd think would happen. May said that even if Ohio State wins, it won't be a lock for the College Football Playoff, despite currently having the 2-seed. He also gave away his pick for the matchup, suggesting that Jabrill Peppers will be the "difference-maker" on Saturday.

We'll note that May does say that Ohio State is one of the best four teams in the country.

It isn't crazy to think that Michigan can upend Ohio State on Saturday, but after May's prediction earlier this year that the Buckeyes would lose to Nebraska (and the other dozen times he's incorrectly picked against OSU) it's a bit hard to take him seriously.