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Mark Richt Calls Out Florida State Site Regarding Dalvin Cook Comments

Miami head coach Mark Richt took to Twitter to explain his comments about FSU RB Dalvin Cook after an article appears to have misconstrued his remarks.

This afternoon Tomahawk Nation published an article titled "Miami coach Mark Richt downplaying FSU’s Dalvin Cook?" and it featured a video of Miami head coach Mark Richt commenting on the skill of Cook as a running back.

The author of the post, David Visser, wrote:

But now we can add one more question: what is first-year Miami head coach Mark Richt thinking? He recently spoke about Cook, saying that Cook is “like a lot of backs,” and later implying that his production is merely a result of Florida State’s dedication to the run game.

In a vacuum, this sounds like a coach detracting from the skill of a very talented running back, but that's not the entirety of the quote.

Here's the full transcript of what Richt said, (emphasis mine):

He's like a lot of backs. If you give him a crease, if you give him some space, he's very difficult to take down. If he gets his momentum going through the line of scrimmage it's gonna be tough. Our goal is to try not let him get started with a lot of space to begin with. It's hard to do. They're good at blocking, he's good at finding it. They're very serious about running the football and that's why he's had the numbers that he's had in his career. So he's an impressive young—.

Richt fired off a couple tweets in response to the article:

College football coaches don't usually comment on what's written in the press, so he must have felt strongly here. Florida State vs. Miami should be a good one.