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Maryland's Spring Game Featured A Very Sparse Crowd

Maryland's stadium sat mostly empty during the Terrapins spring game.

Spring game season is here -- the season when college football programs wrap up spring practice and put it all together in a tune-up game. Recent spring games have resulted in massive crowds for stadiums all across the country.

Ohio State's spring game featured more than 80,000 fans, while fellow Big Ten teams Nebraska and Penn State had over 70,000 fans attend. Of course, SEC fans showed up to their contests in droves as well. Alabama hosted its spring game this afternoon, and more than 74,000 fans attended.

Then there's Maryland.

The Terrapins hosted their spring game this afternoon as well, and had a completely different result.

Here are two looks at the stadium.

A few things to note when looking at the picture. Maryland fans have pointed out that this photo doesn't show the other side of the stadium, where most of the fans were sitting.

But let's get one thing clear, Ohio State, Alabama, and Penn State all nearly filled their stadiums. Plain and simple, football just isn't as big of a deal to the Terrapins, who are coming off of a losing 2016 season.