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Maury Povich Is The Celebrity Guest Picker For College GameDay At UCF

The College GameDay crew in Columbus Ohio.

ESPN College GameDay

College GameDay has struggled this season to get relevant celebrity guest pickers. That was apparent against on Saturday afternoon.

ESPN's flagship college football show is down at UCF, and to be honest, it's been an incredible scene. Fans brought hundreds of signs and the energy has been fantastic. But we're still scratching our heads regarding the guest picker.

ESPN just announced that talk show host Maury Povich is the guest picker. College football fans are miffed.

Povich was born in Washington D.C. and attended UPenn. It doesn't seem like he has any tie to UCF - at least not that we know of.

Twitter erupted when Povich was announced. It seems that most are not thrilled with the pick.

It's been a weird year for College GameDay. We imagine next week should be a good episode though - since it's likely headed to either Ohio State vs. Michigan or Oklahoma vs. West Virginia.