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Michigan Fans Have 1 Favorite To Replace Jim Harbaugh

Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh coaching against Illinois.

CHAMPAIGN, IL - OCTOBER 12: Head coach Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan Wolverines is seen during the second half against the Illinois Fighting Illini at Memorial Stadium on October 12, 2019 in Champaign, Illinois. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Jim Harbaugh remains the head coach at the University of Michigan, but that could change soon.

Michigan dropped to 2-4 on the season with Saturday's loss to previously winless Penn State. The Wolverines lost to the 0-5 Nittany Lions at the Big House in Ann Arbor.

It's been a brutal year for Harbaugh, whose seat continues to get warmer.

Former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer addressed Michigan's problems on FOX's Big Noon Kickoff.

“You have to develop and implement a culture,” Meyer said. “Number two, you have to acquire talent. It’s called talent acquisition and development. You watch them play, and they’re 2-5 in the last seven games. I think it’s time to blow it up. I think it’s time to really evaluate the culture and dig deep … There’s something going on. Once again, I said this a couple weeks ago, don’t start saying they’ve got bad players. That’s not fair. Do you have to evaluate your staff and your assistant coaches? Because when you start talent about talent acquisition, that’s recruiting, and that’s coaching. Are you recruiting the right players that fit your puzzle or are they being developed?

“Everything is fixable. Everything is fixable. I’m not sure you can in the next two weeks, but you have got to lift that hood up and say, ‘Tell me about our culture. Is it the right culture? Do we need to change?’ Second, talent acquisition. Are we recruiting the right players? As important as recruiting them, what are you doing? How’s your weight room? How’s your nutrition program? How’s your training staff? How are your assistant coaches?”

Harbaugh might not get the chance to do that, though. Michigan fans are already calling for his replacement and they have a favorite in mind.

Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell appears to be the preferred choice among Michigan fans.

Campbell would be a very nice hire for Michigan. However, so was Harbaugh, and we're seeing how that turned out.