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Michigan, Penn State Say "No" To Friday Big Ten Night Games

Friday night football is coming to the Big Ten.

The Big Ten will start having Friday night contests beginning in 2017, as part of the league's new TV deals with ABC/ESPN and FOX.

Not every Big Ten school has agreed to partake in the games, though.

Both Michigan and Penn State have said "no" to Friday night lights.

Penn State put out this statement on Twitter.

Via the Chicago Tribune, Michigan is also flat-out saying "no."

From their report:

And Michigan is flat-out saying no to Friday night games, both home and road. Delany said he believes the school simply prefers Saturday games for “consistency of presentation.”

Ohio State, meanwhile, surprisingly said yes to the idea. Buckeyes athletic director Gene Smith told the Columbus Dispatch that he envisions OSU hosting a Friday night game once every three seasons or so.

Having Friday night games does seem like a good idea for schools like Illinois, Maryland, Purdue, etc. - programs that could use the national exposure that comes with a nationally-televised night game on FOX, ESPN, ABC, etc. - but for teams like Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, etc., it's not really necessary.