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Viral College Football Referee Reportedly Lands New Job

Mike Defee walks across the field.

(Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)

One of college football's most-beloved officials is leaving the field and heading off to the NFL, according to a new report.

Football Zebras, which covers everything related to officials in college football and the NFL, noted Mike Defee landed a new job. According to the report, he's headed to the NFL.

Defee has officiated the biggest games in college football and grew to national fame during the 2017 national title game. During the game, fans went wild after seeing Defee's ripped arms in a tight shirt.

Well, after earning his stardom at the college level, he's stepping up to the big leagues. According to Football Zebras, Defee will become a "position coach" in the NFL.

Here's more from the report:

Defee’s new job is to coach current NFL officials, specifically focusing on the referee position...Former NFL referee and former Big 12 officiating supervisor, Walt Anderson, used to supervise Defee, and now both will work in the NFL officiating office.

Anderson and Defee are reunited once again, this time at the NFL level.

It's a sad day for college football fans who won't be able to see a jacked Mike Defee on the field next season.

Congratulations to Mike on the new gig!