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Minor League Baseball Team To Host Mark Emmert Fan Appreciation Night

Minor league baseball promotions are the best. They're usually a unique, funny way for teams to get fans to their games, and every once in a while, they earn national recognition. The Lake County Captains -- a Class A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians based out of Eastlake, Ohio -- announced a promotion yesterday that makes fun of the NCAA's claim that minor league sports aren't successful in regards to fan support or the fan experience: a Mark Emmert Fan Appreciation Night.

">@LCCaptains fans would disagree.

— Lake County Captains (@LCCaptains)

Mark Emmert says minor league teams don't provide a good fan experience? @LCCaptains fans would disagree.

— Lake County Captains (@LCCaptains) June 20, 2014

">June 20, 2014

">June 20, 2014

The game will take place on Wednesday, June 2. Here are some of the things that will occur as part of the promotion:

  • Copies of basketball cards of players who were one and dones
  • Copies of college football and basketball video games
  • All-you-can-eat wristbands for four college students, paying homage to the NCAA's ruling that student-athletes can have unlimited meals and snacks
  • Discounted tickets for college students
  • No prizes for in-game promotions, but at the end, "a promotional participant will be crowned that evening's BCS (Big Captains Superstar) Champion via a subjective vote taken by members of the media and a computerized scoring algorithm."
  • Fans who wear generic college sports jerseys may receive a $100 handshake from the team's mascot

The team also invited Emmert to the game if he wishes to attend. The full list of promotions can be found here