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Did The Refs Miss A Huge Call At The End Of The Orange Bowl?

The referees missed a call in the Orange Bowl here.


This play will be talked about forever.

Late in the fourth quarter of Friday's Orange Bowl, it looked like a Florida State defender got a great jump on a snap. Or, perhaps, he jumped offside.

That's the debate that raged on the internet after Florida State's 33-32 win over Michigan. Twitter exploded with controversy as FSU's Demarcus Walker toes the line between making a great play and being offside.

Here's the play. It's Michigan's final offensive play of the contest:

The refs did not call offside on the play. Demarcus Walker beat the guard and had a free rush at Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight--who was forced into an errant pass.

Speight missed his target with the throw, and the ball was intercepted by Carlos Becker.

So, was Walker offside? Would it have mattered in the end?

These questions can be debated forever, yet the outcome remains the same.