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Missouri State QB Breck Ruddick Suspended, Accused Of Dog Abuse

Missouri State has suspended its starting quarterback Breck Ruddick amidst allegations of dog abuse.

Ruddick, a sophomore, is accused of breaking the jaw of a dog he was watching. He's suspended indefinitely and the program released a statement on his punishment earlier.

According to a Facebook post from a Missouri State student named Shelby Filbeck alleges Ruddick hit the dog in the face "three times" and broke its jaw. They later found the animal in a parking lot "covered in blood."

You can read Filbeck's post in full below.

According to KY3, another Facebook post claiming to be from Ruddick tells his account of what happened.

The post reads; "I punched it. The story that's getting told is way out of proportion. I didn't break the dogs the [sic] jaw nor did I let him run away. I was dog sitting him and he was on my bed, I wanted him off the bed so I gave him like a tap to try and get him off but he didn't move so I gave him a little push and he bit my hand not extremely hard but enough to shock me. I've apologized to her and paid all the bills because I felt so bad. I don't hurt animals that's not who I am. If you don't believe about what happened to the dog I have proof of the bill that I didn't break it's jaw."

Ruddick did not play in yesterday's 35-0 loss to Kansas State. He started Missouri State's first two games, completing 34-of-52 passes for 424 yards, four touchdowns and one interception.

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