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Watch: Tennessee Fans Start Brawling At Music City Bowl

There was a brawl that broke out during the Music City Bowl.


A bunch of Tennessee fans got riled up and started fighting each other at the Music City Bowl, for some reason.

The Tennessee Volunteers took down the Nebraska Cornhuskers today in the Music City Bowl, 38-24, with the Vols dominating the game for four quarters. They led 21-7 at halftime, and it was never really close.

You'd think that fans would be in a celebratory mood, with the Vols recording their third bowl win in a row, making them three-for-three in the Butch Jones era.

But instead of high-fiving and fist-pumping, Tennessee fans decided to, uh, just fight each other.


I'm not quite sure what prompted the confrontation, or how it was resolved (did it even end up resolved?), but the whole imbroglio seemed like a real waste of beer. I mean, if you're going to fight someone, at least fight fans of the other team, right?

A win is a time for celebration, not confrontation.