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Myles Garrett Refused To Go On ESPN's "Mike & Mike," Here's Why

Mike and Mike before their show split up.

The potential No. 1 pick bailed on his scheduled interview.

Myles Garrett, the potential No. 1 overall pick in this year's NFL Draft, is at ESPN today. He's doing the "Car Wash" visit in which he appears on several of the network's shows. One of those shows was supposed to be Mike & Mike. Garrett, though, apparently bailed on the interview.

Mike Greenberg revealed on the air this morning that Garrett allegedly has a problem with college football analyst Booger McFarland, who's filling in for Mike Golic today.

“I’m told there is some sort of issue that he has with something you have said," Greenberg said, per The Big Lead. "That just is what it is — that would be neither the first nor last time that has happened.”

McFarland admitted that he has some questions about Garrett's future in the NFL.

"Being an athlete doesn’t make you a football player. Ask Mike Mamula, who tore up the Combine but couldn’t break an egg in the NFL. I’m not saying Myles Garrett is gonna do that, but I just look at the tape — and the tape never lies, Greeny — and the tape has said that although he is a tremendous athlete, I just wonder how much does he love playing defensive line and being hit and the collisions that take place time after time. The tape says he’s been hesitant to do that over the last couple years,” McFarland.

Perhaps there's more to McFarland's criticism than he admitted on the air this morning. If not, it seems odd that Garrett would bail on the interview.

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