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Report: NCAA Schools Could Vote On Massive Change To Division I Transfer Rules

NCAA member schools could soon vote on changing transfer rules, to allow players to freely change schools without sitting out for a year.

The proposal, which is reportedly gaining traction among the 19-person task force that is looking into the issue of transfers.

The one restriction would be a minimum GPA that players would need to meet to waive the current one-year waiting period that most players need to wait to play for their new teams.

247Sports' Andrew Slater first broke the news about this huge potential change to college athletics.

In a potentially paradigm-shifting proposal, the NCAA members may vote to allow all Division-I transfers to be eligible to play immediately. The only potential restrictions are that student-athletes would be asked to meet a minimum GPA, in order to transfer immediately, and that any additional transfer would require the student-athletes to sit out a full year. The proposal, which is being solicited among members for feedback, is gaining increased traction in recent weeks, a source confirms.

As Slater notes, this would be a huge win for those who want to see athletes gain more agency over their careers. It would drastically change how the off-season would play out, and how coaches plan out their recruiting efforts.

The "Transfer Working Group" that is working on this issue must have its proposal in by November 1.