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Nebraska Asks Fox Sports To Stop Running This Huskers' Commercial

Nebraska players in a cornfield.

The Huskers aren't happy with the message portrayed in the commercial.

Fox Sports has been releasing 30-second commercials for the 14 Big Ten football programs as part of their new TV deal with the conference.

Nebraska has asked the network to stop running theirs.

The Huskers, per, are not happy with the message portrayed in the Nebraska-themed commercial.

The commercial seems to be based on Stephen King's 1977 "Children of the Corn" that was turned into a movie.

“When you’re lost in a cornfield, everything looks the same for miles, and miles, and miles,” the commercial's narrator says. “Until finally, you come upon a circle of empty ground. And for a second, you feel relief, until you realize, this is where the sacrifices are made.”

Nebraska reportedly was not aware of the content of the commercial before it was made and has asked Fox Sports to stop running it.

Here it is: