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Nebraska Fan Boasts About His Experience At Ohio State This Weekend

Nebraska had a bad time in Columbus Saturday night, but at least one Huskers fan didn't.

Mike Riley's Nebraska team got blown out, 62-3, by Ohio State at Ohio Stadium in Columbus this weekend.

At least one Huskers fan had an enjoyable experience in the Buckeye State this weekend, though.

He recapped his experience on Reddit, saying he recommends anyone who's a college football fan to take a visit to Ohio State.

From Reddit:

"I just made the mistake of watching Nebraska on the road. Game results aside, I would definitely recommend that anyone who's a fan of college football to attend a game at Ohio Stadium. First of all, Ohio State fans were incredibly hospitable. Not a single issue with them. Secondly, the stadium atmosphere is top notch. Of all the Big Ten schools I've seen games at (still gotta see Penn State, Rutgers, and Maryland), this was the most intense place to watch a game. Thirdly, the tailgating and bars around Ohio Stadium are an absolute blast. There's a sandwich shop with a sandwich called the Fat Bastard that was amazing (however I think Fat Sandwich in Illinois takes the edge), and if you say "%&$# Michigan" than you don't even need to buy yourself a drink the entire night.

"All in all, I had a great visit. Thank you to all of the Ohio State fans who made this trip a good one. And to anyone who wants to check out a great College Football experience, you should check out Columbus."

Will Michigan fans be saying the same thing come Nov. 26?