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Nebraska Fan With Genetic Disorder Will Be A Husker For A Day

A young Nebraska fan with a genetic disorder was signed to the team to be a Husker for the day.

Nebraska fan Jack Johnson is about to have his dream come true. The 8-year-old boy had the dream of becoming a Cornhusker, and now he dream is a reality.

According to, Johnson was diagnosed with Menkes disease when he was just two weeks old. The disease is a genetic disorder that affects distribution of copper in the body. Most of those diagnosed with Menkes disease do not live past three years old.

Yet, Johnson is no ordinary young boy. He's a fighter, and now he's a Husker.

Johnson, who watches every Nebraska game in his Jordan Westerkamp jersey, was signed to a deal that makes him a part of the Nebraska program for a day. For the Cornhuskers' game against Maryland, Johnson will tour the stadium, meet with coaches and players, eat lunch with members of the team, participate in warm-ups, and, finally, practice touchdown dances with his teammates.

This is why we love sports. Best of luck to Jack!