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New ESPN E:60 Report Looks At Possible Connection Between Field Turf And Cancer

A close up of turf on someones leg.

can turf fields cause cancer

A new ESPN E:60 report by former women's soccer star Julie Foudy examines the possible connection between field turf and cancer. In the below segment, Foudy, with the help of a number of former soccer players, looks into whether the "crumb rubber" pellets, which could expose athletes to carcinogens, are causing medical issues for young athletes.

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In a preview segment released, ESPN speaks to University of Washington soccer coach Amy Griffin, who compiled a list of almost 200 athletes with cancer, who have played on artificial turf that contains tiny black rubber pellets called "crumb rubber."

Here's the entire segment. It's eye-opening.

It's important to note that there is not yet any long-term medical research that suggests a link. But it's worth keeping an eye on.