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Only These 5 Schools Have Had Players Drafted Every Year Since 1963

Since 1963, only five schools have had at least one player taken in every single NFL Draft.

According to Pick Six Previews, only five schools have had a player drafted every year since 1963: Florida, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska and USC.

Most surprising—at least to me—is that Ohio State isn't among the schools listed above. In the last several years especially they've been churning out some of the best draft classes in the country.

In fact, it's pretty incredible that only five schools have had a player drafted every year for the past 54 years, considering all of the elite programs that the list above leaves out. Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Florida State and several other top-tier schools failed to make the cut.

According to, USC, Nebraska and Michigan occupy three of the top six spots in terms of total players drafted into the NFL. USC leads all schools with 497 draft picks, with Notre Dame close behind at 493. Then, there's a steep drop off to Ohio State at No. 3 with 430 picks. Only those three schools have recorded over 400 total draft picks.