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Nick Bosa Calls Out Jabrill Peppers For Pushing Ohio State Fan

Jabrill Peppers gets into it with an Ohio State fan.


Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa had a word for Jabrill Pepper's actions after Ohio State's win.

Ohio State and Michigan played one of the best games of the year. In a series titled "The Game," this game lived up to the hype. Ohio State escaped with a 30-27 win in double overtime to, most likely, solidify its place in the College Football Playoff.

After the game concluded, fans stormed the field. Michigan players were still on the field when a sea of Ohio State fans rushed the field. Michigan's Jabrill Peppers got into an altercation with a fan, and pushed said fan.

Well, Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa had a word for Peppers' actions after the game.

Tensions are high after a loss. Even higher after a loss in double overtime to your bitter rival. But that does not excuse Peppers' actions after the game.

Ohio State is nearly a lock to make the College Football Playoff, while Michigan will most likely be in the top five when the rankings come out on Tuesday night.