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Video: Nick Saban Talks Why He Chose Football, Bill Belichick On 'The Dan Patrick Show'

Nick Saban's photo on a wall.

The Dan Patrick Show.

Nick Saban paid a visit to The Dan Patrick Show and revealed how he got into sports in the first place.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban likes music. Apparently, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has the same affinity for music. In an interview with ">The Dan Patrick Show, Saban revealed he and Belichick used to sneak out together.

"When Bill and I were together in Cleveland, we used to sneak out and go see various concerts."

Despite his current love for music, Saban admitted it was his grandmother's insistence that he learn the accordion that drove him to the sporting world. The head coach of the No. 1 college football team in the country then admitted to one of the world's greatest ironies. He didn't like to practice.

The head coach of Alabama, which has won four of the last seven national titles, did not like to practice. Queue his player's astonished reactions.

The rest of the country can thank Grandma Saban for creating one of the best college coaches in history. Without her insistence that young Nick Saban learn the accordion, the last national title for the Tide might have come from Gene Stallings in 1992.