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Nick Saban On Contact From NFL Teams: "I Say No And That's It"

NFL teams may reach out to Nick Saban, but when agent Jimmy Sexton asks him about potential openings, his answer is the same every time.

Saban was asked about overtures from the NFL during a Peach Bowl press conference today, something he definitely isn't tired of talking about at this point. He did provide some insight into his process for handling the interest of NFL teams, however, and it is very simple: they call his agent, Jimmy Sexton, Sexton calls him, and he says "no."

Video of the question, via

ProFootballTalk transcribed his answer:

“I didn’t talk to one NFL team last year, they know who to call: Jimmy Sexton has been with me for a long time,” Saban said. “He calls me and says, ‘Are you interested?’ And I say no and that’s it. That’s as far as anything ever went with any team. It’s certainly flattering that somebody would have interest, but at this station in life, from a family standpoint, from a personal standpoint, we’re excited about the challenges we have in trying to continue to have a successful program at Alabama and we haven’t entertained any other opportunities outside the opportunities we have at Alabama.”

It is natural to assume that Nick Saban may want another shot at the NFL, considering how he's basically cracked the college football code at this point, but for now we have to take him at his word: he's happy in Tuscaloosa.

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