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NY Post Writer Trashes Katie Nolan For Her Emmy Win

For those unaware - FOX Sports personality Katie Nolan, who has her own show titled "Garbage Time" - won an Emmy last week for Outstanding Social TV Experience. Nolan, predictably, was excited about the honor, and celebrated in her typical edgy style on social media. If you follow Katie Nolan, it was par for the course.

But Phil Mushnick of the NY Post, who has made a living off of being somewhat of a curmudgeon, is not impressed. He trashed Nolan in his column this past Saturday, calling her a "smug, vulgar, desperately un-clever young woman." Yikes.

Class Dismissed: Katie Nolan, host of FOX Sports 1’s “Garbage Time” — well named, as her show is predicated on appealing to young males who could confuse a smug, vulgar, desperately un-clever young woman for entertainment — last week won a sports Emmy.

Apparently, those who voted appreciate her on-air sexually explicit language and her mocking of unfortunates, including those with Tourette’s syndrome.

The category in which she won? “Outstanding TV Social Experience.” Seriously. Makes you wonder who — or what — finished second.

Nolan gets a lot of praise for her fresh perspective on women in sports media, so this is a little different of a take on her work. That being said, this isn't the first time Mushnick has tried to stir the pot.

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