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A Midseason Evaluation Of ESPN Experts' Preseason Playoff Picks

ESPN analysts made preseason picks as to which teams would make the College Playoff, and we evaluated them for accuracy.

The college football regular season is halfway over, and that means it's time to look forward to the College Football Playoff and which teams could potentially be national champions. It's also fun to check out just how accurate college football analysts are in their preseason picks.

To do so, we compiled some of the analysts' picks from ESPN, and evaluated them for accuracy at this point in the season.

We rated each analyst's picks with a "Plausibility Rating," which is basically a measurement of how accurate their preseason picks have been up to this point, and how likely they are to come to fruition. The ranking is out of five, four points for each playoff team, and one for the national champion.

Remember, this is all conjecture, and a lot can still happen!

Check out the analysts' picks and our evaluations below: