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Ohio State Fans Getting Trashed For Inappropriate Flint Water Sign

These Ohio State fans are getting trashed for making a terrible game-day sign that makes fun of the Flint water crisis.

There are times when you're proud of the human race, and then there are times when you're not. This is one for the latter.

Ohio State is hosting Michigan in the biggest game of the college football season. The two are major rivals, and their fanbases do not like each other. Well, these Ohio State fans made a game-day sign that is getting them roasted.

Rivalries are important. They make sports fun. But sometimes it goes a little too far. This is one of the fiercest rivalries in all of sports, but to take a shot at people who are in a real crisis is hitting below the belt. A classless move by these fans.

Michigan and Ohio State are locked in a tight 17-14 game late in the third quarter.