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Ohio State Fans Are Trolling Mark May For Picking Nebraska As The Buckeyes Lead 31-3 At Halftime

Mark May talks before being laid off by ESPN.

Mark May on air for ESPN.

Ahead of tonight's huge Big Ten contest, ESPN analyst Mark May picked Nebraska to beat Ohio State in overtime.

Mark May, ESPN college football analyst and professional Ohio State troll, was at it again on Saturday night, "predicting" that the Cornhuskers would take down the Buckeyes in overtime, on the road.

Well, after 30 minutes of football, Ohio State leads 31-3. The game certainly isn't over, but it isn't looking good for May's prediction.

Ohio State fans, predictably, are having some fun trolling May. It isn't the first time.

The Buckeyes look to be in good shape. May will have to grin and bear it yet again.