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Photo: Ohio State Will Present Nebraska With Helmet Featuring 27 Stickers To Honor Sam Foltz

Ohio State will present Nebraska with a helmet featuring 27 stickers on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon, ahead of the big contest between Ohio State and Nebraska, the Buckeyes will pay tribute to the late Sam Foltz, who passed away in a car crash that also claimed the life of former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler this past summer. Ohio State will be giving Nebraska a helmet that features 27 stickers - to honor Foltz's number.

ESPN's Jeannine Edwards snapped a photo of the helmet. It's great:

Ohio State isn't the only school that has paid tribute to Foltz - in fact, many have. But props to the Buckeyes for finding a way to put their own special stamp on it. Ohio State and Nebraska kick off at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.