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Ohio State Insider Shoots Down Urban Meyer Meeting Rumor

Urban Meyer hyping up the Ohio State football team before a game.

BLACKSBURG, VA - SEPTEMBER 7: Head coach Urban Meyer of the Ohio State Buckeyes gets his team ready before the game against the Virginia Tech Hokies at Lane Stadium on September 7, 2015 in Blacksburg, Virginia. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

We're approaching Hour 12 of the Urban Meyer Board of Trustees meeting taking place at Ohio State. The meeting began at 9 a.m. E.T. and it's continued throughout the day.

There have been few official updates, outside of Urban Meyer's wife, Shelley Meyer, showing up to the meeting earlier this afternoon. Then, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith and his wife showed up. The wife of the school's president, Michael Drake, later joined them.

Rumors have since been swirling about what's causing the delay in a decision.

Multiple reports have suggested that there's a divide between the board and the president when it comes to reinstating Meyer or suspending him. It doesn't appear that a firing is on the table.

"I’m told principal sticking point is OSU President Drake wants a suspension of Meyer & Board of Trustees does not. We wait to see if resolution occurs tonight," Clay Hall tweeted.

Other rumors have suggested that it's a prominent donor and not the school's president that is holding this up. Eleven Warriors' source has shot this down, though. "Just received a text from someone close to the situation. They said the story of a 'prominent donor' holding things up is 'BS. Completely made up. No basis in fact.' Their words," they tweeted.

The latest actual update is that the cars of Urban and Shelley Meyer have been turned around in their parking spots, presumably so they're able to pull out quickly instead of backing out.

There are now a bunch of fans and media members gather outside the building, too.

Stay tuned.