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Ohio State Remains No. 1 In Coaches' Poll, Two Big Ten Teams Make Big Jumps

Coaches poll for teams 3 through 6.

For a while on Saturday, it seemed like the top of the college football polls would be obliterated.

But TCU rallied to defeat Kansas State, Michigan State survived against Rutgers, Florida State held off Miami, Utah outlasted Cal and Alabama wore down Arkansas. Because of those results, the status quo largely remained in the top 10. Only Oklahoma, which fell to rival Texas, kept the top 10 from having an undefeated weekend.

There weren't many changes in this week's coaches poll. Texas A&M replaced Oklahoma in the top 10, and Michigan and Iowa made big jumps. Ohio State stayed at No. 1, though there was some shuffling behind them in the 2-4 spots. 

Here's the full poll, courtesy of USA Today

1. Ohio State
2. Baylor
3. TCU
4. Michigan State
5. LSU
6. Clemson
7. Utah
8. Florida State
9. Alabama
10. Texas A&M
11. Florida
12. Ole Miss
13. Notre Dame
14. Michigan
15. Oklahoma State
16. Stanford
17. Iowa
18. UCLA
19. Oklahoma
20. Boise State
21. Northwestern
22. Memphis
23. Cal
24. Duke
25. Toledo

Here's a reminder of what the coaches' poll looked like last week. Did the coaches get it right this time?