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Ohio State's Kyle Snyder Loses For Just 2nd Time In 3 Years

Kyle Snyder wrestling against Michigan

The legendary Ohio State wrestler suffered a surprising loss tonight.

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry hit the wrestling mat tonight. The heavyweight battle was a good one.

Kyle Snyder, the greatest college wrestler in the country, went up against the Wolverines' Adam Coon. The two heayweights are ranked No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.

The match was a great one, but it ultimately ended in surprising fashion. Coon took down Snyder.

It's the first loss for Snyder in nearly three years. It was his first defeat since the 2015 NCAA final to Kyven Gadson.

The match is likely a preview of what's to come at the Big Ten championships and the NCAA championships. Snyder will probably still be the favorite, but Coon has now proven that he can beat him.

The key to the match: size. Coon has a significant weight adavantage.

There's about a 65-pound difference between the two wrestlers. Most wrestlers don't face anywhere close to that kind of weight difference, but it can happen at the heavyweight level.

BTN has video of the match. You can watch it below:

Hopefully we get to see these two again soon.