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Oklahoma's Path To The College Football Playoff Is No Longer Complicated

Louisville's loss on Thursday night makes Oklahoma's path to the College Football Playoff much clearer.

If there's one team that benefitted the most from Louisville's loss to Houston on Thursday night, it's Oklahoma. Here's how the Sooners can find themselves in the Playoff field despite losing to Ohio State and Houston earlier in the year.

In short, three things have to happen.

  1. Oklahoma has to beat both West Virginia and Oklahoma State to finish 10-2, with a 9-0 record in the Big 12. That obviously would give the Sooners a conference title.
  2. Michigan or Ohio State has to win the Big Ten. In that case, the other is eliminated and Wisconsin/Penn State are both out of consideration. It ensures one team from the Big Ten is part of the field.
  3. A team other than Washington wins the Pac-12 - either Washington State or Colorado. That ensures the Pac-12 champ has at least two losses.

Our projected field in that case? Assuming Alabama and Clemson both win out...

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State or Michigan
  3. Clemson
  4. Oklahoma

The conference left out, obviously, is the Pac-12.

Yes, the Sooners need help. But with Louisville out of the mix, they don't have to worry about jumping the Cardinals, who could have been 11-1. Oklahoma fans should have some hope.