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Meet The Oklahoma Football Cheerleader Who Went Viral At The Spring Game

Oklahoma cheerleader Kyle Fears cheers on a ledge.

An Oklahoma cheerleader went viral at the Sooners' spring game over the weekend. Unfortunately, she got hit in the face by a football.

It was not a good day for Kylie Fears, the OU cheerleader. She got drilled in the face by an errant pass off the arm of OU quarterback Austin Kendall.

It was a pretty brutal collision between face and football. You can watch it below.

Video: Oklahoma cheerleader drilled by pass during spring game

The cheerleader, Kylie Fears, posted a photo on Instagram of herself right before she got hit by the football. She was in a good mood then.

The quarterback, Austin Kendall, commented on her photograph, saying he was sorry. Kylie accepted it.

She also told him he had an "amazing throw."

You can meet Kylie Fears below.

Photos: Meet Kylie Fears, the Oklahoma cheerleader who went viral on Saturday

Hopefully Kylie is feeling better by now. And hopefully Austin doesn't have anymore errant throws into the cheerleading section...