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Paul Finebam Predicts When Nick Saban Will Leave Alabama

Nick Saban has been at Alabama for a decade. The Crimson Tide head coach took over the program in 2007.

Since then, he's won five national championships and five SEC titles. How much more will he achieve in Tuscaloosa?

Paul Finebaum has an idea. The ESPN college football analyst spoke to SEC Country about Saban's future.

When is he going to leave? In a couple of years, says Finebaum.

From SEC Country:

“I happen to believe he won’t be there significantly longer,” Finebaum told SEC Country. “Now, if you force me to say, ‘What does that mean?’ I don’t know what that means. We talked to somebody the other day, and he said, ‘He’s going to be there until he’s 70.’ I just don’t [believe that].

“I mean, I think he has two or three more years. I think he’d like to win another title, and I think he will. But I think there becomes a point where he looks at the situation and goes, ‘Really, what else do I have to prove?’ And I know it’s still fun for him, and I know he’s still energized.

“But it’s usually the little things that push coaches over the edge. With Saban, I couldn’t predict what it will be. It won’t take much for him to say, ‘You know what? What do I need this for? I’m the greatest coach of all time. I’ve got six, maybe seven, national championships. Why am I doing this?’ This idea that some Alabama fans [have] that he’ll just coach forever, I just don’t subscribe to.”

What will Saban do when he leaves Alabama? Some think he might join ESPN.

You can read SEC Country's full interview here.