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Paul Finebaum: 2-Loss Auburn Would Make CFB Playoff Over Undefeated Washington

Paul Finebaum speaks on his show on ESPN.

Paul Finebaum/ESPN.

Will a two-loss team make the College Football Playoff?

Auburn might be the two-loss team with the best chance to make the College Football Playoff, as the Tigers have a chance to get a win against No. 1 Alabama and win the SEC.

ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum is certainly a believer in a two-loss Auburn team making the College Football Playoff.

Finebaum said today that he thinks a two-loss Auburn team would make it over an undefeated Washington team.

Finebaum's logic was that if Washington had to play Clemson in the non-conference like Auburn did, the Huskies would have lost. And so then you're comparing a one-loss SEC champion Auburn team that beat Alabama with an undefeated Washington team, and he thinks it's advantage Tigers in that situation.

It's certainly a stretch, and something that most people will not agree with.

The next College Football Playoff rankings come out on Tuesday night.