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Paul Finebaum Blasted Michigan Fans On Mike & Mike Thursday

Paul Finebaum is back at it again, ripping Michigan fans.

For some reason, ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum is no fan of Michigan's fan base. His reasoning? He finds Wolverines supporters arrogant. He doesn't think they have any reason to be.

Thursday, Finebaum was on Mike & Mike to discuss all things college football. He wound up complaining about the Michigan faithful a good portion of his segment.

Finebaum started off the segment by referencing a Michigan fan who had just been on the program:

"No way he was a Michigan fan because there was an ounce, there was a modicum of humility and I've never met a Michigan fan who had an ounce of humility or didn't think his team was the greatest of all-time regardless of the record - especially since Jim Harbaugh has arrived. So that was a fraud.

Michigan fans lately have been the worst because they have won a half of a national championship in about 60 years and they talk like they're Alabama, Ohio State, (Southern California), Oklahoma, Nebraska and Penn State wrapped into one. So I'm starting and finishing right there. A lot of people will come after SEC schools. Maybe I'm tone deaf to Alabama fans because I lived in Alabama for 30 years. I hear that occasionally. But I'm pretty firm on Michigan. You aren't going to be able to move me on this Thursday morning."

You can see Finebaum's entire interview over at Business Insider.

Michigan didn't reach the College Football Playoff this year, but the Wolverines can get a postseason win over a good program if they beat Florida State on Friday night in the Orange Bowl. We'll be watching.